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Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Costa Rica fishing charters can be found across the Pacific side of Costa Rica. If you’re looking for the sport fishing experience of a lifetime, look no further than the crystal clear, abundant waters of Costa Rica. Within our Central American paradise, you’ll see average temperatures of between 70 – 81 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Here in Flamingo, Guanacaste, we’re truly a Costa Rica sport fishing paradise. Our Costa Rica Fishing Charters company is nestled on a peninsula between Brasilito Bay and Potrero Bay in the Pacific Ocean, and the waters here are teeming with life.

Our seasoned guides boast more than two decades of experience in both inshore and offshore conditions, and we understand the feeling of pride you get from sport fishing. Reel in a massive Yellowfin Tuna, or have a 20-plus fish day in these bountiful seas.

The Rich Waters of Costa Rica

Sport fishing has a rich history across the globe, and Costa Rica is considered one of the world’s best spots, especially where bill fish are concerned.Fishing for sport is a modern luxury. Once, fishing served solely as a means of sustenance, first mentioned as a leisure activity in 1653’s “The Compleat Angler” by Izaak Walton. The book is a lively tale about the joys of sport fishing.

Today, fishermen from all walks of life have the opportunity to savor the full experience of fishing with help from our captains. From the journey out to sea to the excitement of reeling in a trophy fish and sampling a gourmet dish made from the day’s catch, we’ll give you memories that will last a lifetime.

In Guanacaste, May – November is the wet season, and many consider this the prime time for sport fishing. Smaller crowds during the wet season often equate bigger daily catches, as you have less competition on the water.

The Costa Rica Sport Fishing Experience

Our expert guides are your insider connection to Costa Rica bill fishing. The calm, tranquil waters surrounding Guanacaste provide the perfect home for a variety of species, and we know the best places to reel them in.

Your Costa Rica fishing charter is tailored to your needs and desires – whether you’re embarking on a solo excursion or are part of a large group of close friends, we’re happy to accommodate you. Few life experiences are as thrilling as taking to the warm Pacific Ocean in the morning and returning with a massive catch of sport fish.

We’ll give you an experience you’ll never forget, starting as soon as you board a one of our Costa Rica fishing charters. The smell of salt on the air greets you as you get settled on one of our MOTE safety certified vessels. Then, we’ll head out to sea. When hunting for prime fishing spots, your guide may look for the presence of sea birds, such as the black-plumed frigate bird, which hunt many of the same smaller fish species as local sport fish.

What We Love to Catch

Here in Guanacaste, our waters are plentiful. Our neighborhood is considered one of the best places in the world for bill fishing, where prize-winning big game catches are almost a daily occurrence.

Billfish in the waters off Costa Rica include the Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish. They swim alongside Yellowfin Tuna that can reach 300 pounds as well as smaller species like Mahi-Mahi and Snapper.

The months of October through December provide the most opportunity for a diverse catch, with “Excellent” conditions for Black and Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Dolphinfish, Tuna, and more. No matter the season, our captain and crew can lead you to waters full of our favorite fish:

Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin

The Marlin, which belongs to the billfish family, is one of the rarest species of fish in the waters off Costa Rica. Marlin fishing is a classic pastime here: Among other notable fishermen, writer Ernest Hemingway chronicled his adventurous pursuit of the coveted species throughout the 1930s.

Our sport fishing charters can take you to prime spots for catching blue, black, and striped Marlin varieties. The peak season for these massive fish is December – April.

Indo-Pacific Sailfish

Sailfish sometimes soar out of the water and through the air to pursue prey, catching light on the impressive, sail-like fins that give the spirited fish its name. These popular sport fish are considered the 
fastest in the ocean
, clocking in at a top speed of just under 70 miles per hour.

Costa Rican waters provide an ideal climate and plenty of food for this bill fish species, which range between 6 – 11 feet when fully grown. The best time to catch the Indo-Pacific Sailfish is December – March.

Rooster Fish

Named for its unusual plumage akin to a rooster’s headdress, the Rooster Fish is all muscle. One of the most sought-after sport fish in Costa Rica, Roosters likes to stay close to shore, rarely venturing out further than 200 feet from the coastline.

The largest Rooster Fish ever caught weighed in at 114 pounds, but most are in the 50-pound range. They love live bait and hunting in the vicinity of rocks and reefs.


The elegant and vibrantly colored Dorado is known by several aliases, including Mahi-Mahi and Dolphinfish. The average length of full-grown Dorados is about 3 feet, and you can expect a weight of between 15 – 30 pounds.

When you’re on the water and looking to catch Dorado, don’t underestimate the importance of live bait. Throwing baitfish, such as Ballyhoo, into a group of Dorado can incite a frenzy of feeding among hungry Mahi-Mahi. We adore the Dorado and are thrilled when our clients can experience the joy of reeling one in. Please do visit our Dorado dedicated page with some of our recent catches!


Conditions are considered “Excellent” for catching Yellowfin Tuna in Costa Rica year-round. This migratory species has long fins and can reach up to 7 feet in length. The typically travel in schools and sometimes swim alongside Dolphins.

The biggest Yellowfin ever caught via rod-and-reel was reported in 2012, with a dock scale weight of a whopping 445 pounds. The giant was caught off of Mexico’s Pacific coast, but Tuna of similar size can be found in Costa Rica.


There are several varieties of Amberjack, including Kingfish and Yellowtail. Usually blue or silver in color with just over 30 fin rays, Amberjack are commonly found near rocky reefs and among sea debris.

The Greater Amberjack is of particular interest when sport fishing in Costa Rica. This variety is the largest among Amberjacks and can reach up to 140 pounds and more than 6 feet in length. The average weight of the Greater Amberjack, however, is about 40 pounds.

Meet Our Fleet and Expert Guides

We have a small fleet of three seaworthy boats that are lovingly maintained for your comfort and enjoyment, with MOTE safety certification. Our 31-foot Bertram Moppy twin boats are named Jessica Dawn and Alacran. The lovely Miss Lola is our 28-foot whitewater.

Each of our vessels is suitable for both inshore and offshore adventures, and our captains are native Costa Ricans with more than 25 years of seafaring experience. We know these waters, and we know these fish. Whether you’re looking to hook a single species or you have a more diverse interest when it comes to Costa Rica fishing charters, we provide skillful guidance.

Well-Rounded Costa Rica Fishing Charters – The Bill Fishing Experience

After a full day on the water, you’ll head back to shore, but don’t worry: Your day isn’t finished. To help you wind down after all the excitement of sport fishing, we cook your catch to perfection.

We understand the best ways to prepare all types of locally caught fish. Amberjack has the best flavor when broiled or sautéed, for instance, and the sweet meat of the Amberjack is also used in sushi.

Mahi-Mahi is a common fish on restaurant menus worldwide, but we know how to bring out the ubiquitous catch’s flavor in ways you’ve never experienced before. Grilled Mahi-Mahi is rich and hearty, bursting with flavor, and it also serves as a delicious, flaky base for fish tacos.

All-inclusive Costa Rica fishing charters allow you to savor the flavor of freshly caught wild fish, which we pair with local gastronomic delights. If your idea of sport fishing only involves catch-and-release or selecting a trophy fish to mount, you won’t be left out. We also offer sandwiches and drinks as part of our Gourmet Beachside Dinner.

Book Your Sport Fishing Charter Today

In Costa Rica, sport fishing has no off season. No matter the month or duration of your visit, we’ll guide you towards the fishing adventure of a lifetime. You may even reel in the biggest catch of your life!

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