Game fishing for Roosterfish in Costa Rica

20445979 – roosterfish swimming away underwater in pacific ocean

A Closer Look At The Roosterfish Profile

The Roosterfish gets its name from an interesting physical features it has.

This fish is part of the Jack family and would be recognized as an amberjack without its special colors. The rooster has a solid gray body with black stripes that come down from the dorsal fin. This dorsal fin appears as seven separate strands that bring many fisherman to compare it with a rooster’s wattle.

This fish won’t be as hard to catch as a hen but will take some effort in landing after you’ve set the hook. We recognize this species when it’s hunting in shallow water. It’s peculiar dorsal fin can be found above the surface and gives the fish away. Its dorsal fins fits with the fishes black stripes that run across its body.

Its dorsal fin does help the fish to camouflage extremely well near reefs.

Where To Find Them Quickly

This species is best pursued when you can fish shallow water.

Open access is the fun of rooster fishing. There aren’t many favorite dishes made by this fish, but hunting them brings you some amazing spot casting. The rooster comes to the shore when in hunt or is specifically chasing some bait fish. You can find the fish’s dorsal fin surfacing from the water. The dash this fish makes in its hunt is stunning.

Finding that dash across the water’s surface is how we can track down this fish and find the presentations for a few casts. We find this fish’s population very high, and you can fish them at all times of the year like amberjack. You’ll enjoy steady casting with these fish and the beautiful beach fronts they force you to chase them to.

How Big Do They Get, And How Hard Will They Fight?

This fish gets as big as 100 pounds!

The rooster is fun to catch at roughly 20 to 30 pounds, and this is where they average. They can be a very clever fish once hooked, so you don’t want to muscle them in without finessing them a bit. The bigger they get, the more power they’ll have to throttle into open water with. The way these fish fight lets us use light tackle on average.

They won’t steadily run into the reefs or into deep holes. We can tire out these fish with a little patience and some steady resistance on the rod. Landing them brings you closer to why they are hunted. The rooster are pretty fish.

They have an odd nature to them, but their colors sparkle, and they get fat fast.

Presentation Is Everything And Then Some

Be sure to fish the rooster with the same competitive presentations of any major fish.

We like to target these fish when we’re not on major species. This doesn’t make the roosterfish any easier to actually catch. Your presentations need to match the forage around you. Mackerel is a favorite pattern to duplicate, and many of our local fish eat them. Pull out some crustaceans and squid patterns if you find the fish around reefs.

Think about all of the different retrieve patterns also. These fish will bite out of pure aggression sometimes while biting out of pure hunger in other cases. Your retrieve and presentation should match the mood of the fish. Try retrieving very fast and with sudden, erratic movements when you’re finding very active fish.

Then try a slower presentation when the fish are sluggish and lazy.

A Full Guided Experience And A Bond With True People

There’s an adventure waiting for you on these tropical waters.

It takes tremendous experience and understanding before fisherman begin seeing the success they work so hard for. It’s in your best interest to use the life-long experience of professionals while visiting these Central American oceans. We have guides that have spent much of their lives out at sea, and the wealth of knowledge they have is incredible.

Each day we enter the water is a day to improve your fishing skills. We want to make sure that you return to shore with an amazing story to tell. Nothing brings storytelling to closure better than fishing does. There are numerous species in our local waters, and we can spot them all within any given day.

Let us do the hard work for you and bring you closer to the fishing trip of your dreams.



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